Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New blog, new start

Yeah I don't really feel like having a blog filled with broken/missing images so I'm going to start fresh with a new one. It feels sad to leave this one but it feels kinda right to make a new one as well. I'll probably re-post a couple of my latest images that I posted here on my new one as well and then I gotta fix the layout and shit.
It's empty right now but here it is anyways:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Theokin Tracker

Now I've finished the proper drawing of a Theokin. It's a hunter tracking its prey, obviously. I got a bunch of random facts about them that I haven't had the chance to touch up in to a proper text so I'll just paste it as it is here for now.

The Theokins

White lizard-like creatures who mostly lives in snowy mountains but it has been rumoured that there are more tribes in other cold parts of the world. Kind of primitive but chooses to lives this way. They hunt to survive but they are not a violent race and does sometimes trade dried meat and animal hides/pelts if they are in need of something that they can’t find themselves in the mountains. But in order to trade they need to travel to one of the cities inhabited by other races outside the mountain area.

They live in smaller tribes with an elder as a leader. The elder can be either a male or a female Theokin but they have no real authority. Though the tribe respects and finds the advice, wisdom and knowledge of the elder when they decide things in the tribe. So there’s no real king or authority in the tribes. It’s just made up off of hunters with various secondary skills like skinning or building and crafting. A few of them leave the tribes to travel and/or trade but usually has some kind of level of hunting skills seeing as they learn this at an early age.

They have a god that represents the nature and they also got various smaller deities that they believe in. The god looks like a reindeer but with facial features that reminds you of a Theokin and they call it Raz'ingo. It is just a protector of the Theokins and not something they pray to in order to fulfill their needs because as long as they are protected and alive; they can fulfill their own needs without a higher deity handing everything to them. So they believe in working hard to get where they want instead of wishing they had the things they want.

Theokins don’t have any proper buildings except for one or two larger tents for storage and cooking. They usually build their little settlement around one or several caves and use them for storing of food and protection when needed. Some Theokins can find incredibly large cave and tunnel systems and ends up doing most things in there except for maybe a few tents outside the entrance for cooking and hunting tents for hunters to use when they are about to prepare for a hunt.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I've been on an unexpected trip to my girlfriends mother and then my own mother for the past week. Kinda came out of nowhere that we were going there or otherwise I would have updated sooner.
Anyway, I've mentioned a project that I worked on before and here's a sketch of a race I made that I call 'Theokins'. I'll post a coloured picture of one later with a better description of them because I've been really in to working on this project lately. I've written some info about these and tons of info about another race. And a little about yet another one. EITHER WAY I'll post it all in time so enjoy these for the moment... now I'm off to the bank to get my moneh.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Winging it

I've been kinda neglecting my digital studies but I'm trying to get the portfolio done as quick as possible... aaaand this weekend I kinda got addicted to Dragon Age 2 for a bit ( shaaame on me D: ) but I'm putting it on hold now so I can do my art. The next piece will probably be an angel like picture so I'm practising wings and feathers.
These are mostly studies from birds but one or two were referenced from drawings made by Johannes Voß.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ye ole couple

A couple drawing of me and my wonderful girlfriend Hannah <3
Wanted to do a sort of victorian/1800 style couple portrait and if I coulour it I'll add a sort of oval shaped frame around it. I will also try and make the faces more realistic but not super realistic. We'll see how it goes lmao.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Me and my girlfriend have been playing with henna a lot these past two days and we've been talking about it for over a week so I got tempted to draw something henna inspired. So here we go. A girl with dreads and henna. Might do something serious out of it but for now, I need to finish my RIFT contest entry. 2 days remaining.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bark Bark

It's been a while but I've been in Stockholm for my brothers graduation and to meet my parents together with Hannah. We met her mother as well before she went off to Oman.
And now I'm back to drawing again so now I'm working on my contest entry for the RIFT contest that I mentioned in my previous post. Gotta hurry because I just got 4 days left aaaaaaaaaa.. but I kinda like the feeling of having a deadline <3