Thursday, November 26, 2009

Yeah so I don't have anything new that's good enough to post just yet so I'm just going to post a neat little gurren lagann parallel works video. So yea enjoy 8D
Also I'm leaving for New Zealand in two weeks. Yay Christmas in the sun c:

Today, I found an old worksheet from 1st grade. One of the questions was "What color do you think dinosaurs were?" I answered "Black and white because color wasn't invented yet." I always knew I was a genius. - MLIA

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Internet has been a douche for me now so I can't really get on very often. Its something with our new router >:U
I managed to get on now so I thought I'd just post a little drawing I did the other day. It started with a small doodle in my sketchbook and then I did a larger version that covered an A4 paper. I traced it on another piece of paper and tried to colour it with watercolours but that didn't go well at all so that one went down the bin lmao.


Saturday, November 14, 2009


My fail attempt at watercolours.
I found some old watercolours at my dads the other day as we were moving some stuff out of the room so I brought them here (my mum) and tried them out. Didn't go too well but its okay. The paper really wasn't made for water colouring though because it got all wrinkled up and pieces started coming off of it so yeah I'm trying normal print paper next time.

"Art is never finished, only abandoned" - Leonardo da Vinci

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sci-fi bokhandeln

Went to Stockholm the other day to look for a Christmas gift for Jenna when I happened to find some stuff for myself as well. A pretty cheap Dead Leaves DVD (for about £5) and a Watchmen graphic novel <3 It's like Christmas for me! .. except I have to pay for it myself lmao.
I'm also trying to do more sketching now that I got my own scanner.

Click for a better view

Friday, November 6, 2009


I haven't posted anything here in forever and I'm sorry for that. But hopefully I'm back now and I'll try to start posting more stuff again c:
I also came back from a trip to England not too long ago and that was simply amazing. Can't wait to do it again. ANYWAY I'll post a WIP picture here that I started on not too long ago. I did a line art for my friend Jenna a while ago that she's going to colour but I wanted to colour something too so I'm giving it a shot as well c:

"Bzzzz" - A bee