Saturday, October 10, 2009


Another little painting I did of some random thing that I doodled down in my sketchbook before. I redrew it and coloured it in Photoshop. I tried to do a character that could be used as an enemy for a platformer game or something like that so I took some inspiration from those kinds of games lmao.

CRITIQUE if you want to. It could help me c:

Monday, October 5, 2009


Tried to practice a little but it turned out all fucked up fffff especially things like her right eye. But I'm slowly getting there c:
Next time I do a portrait I think I'll try to paint an older man with a beard because those always feel a bit easier so I guess that's a good place to start and then work my way up to harder things... and maybe actually use colours lmao

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted anything here in quite a while but I've had an art-block and sometimes I've been out with friends and stuff. But I've started doodling and sketching again now and today I managed to throw this photoshop painting together. Got the idea from Jenna when she said "DRAW A PRETTY FLOWA" on MSN yesterday... so I did 8D I drew some random lotus flower I found on google. It's pretty rough but it works for now lmao

(Not sure I know what this quote means but it had the lotus in it so whatever c: )

“The mind is totally attached to Maya; the mortal has forgotten his fear of old age and death. Gazing upon his family, he blossoms forth like the lotus flower; the deceitful person watches and covets the homes of others.”- Sri Guru Granth Sahib