Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Hunting WIP

A quick WIP I started on today. Took me forever to get some of the perspective right. I need to do a lot more animal anatomy studies urgh. Oh well, I'm liking it so far c:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Naga Matriarch

Here we go, I finished this piece at last. I started this before I did the Terra Nova piece and finished this after it so I don't think the colouring in this one does me justice. It looks like I burn-tooled the shit out of it at parts. The fact that colours on my laptop screen are way more desaturated than on a proper monitor doesn't make things easier. So I ran between my laptop and my girlfriends computer to see if the colours were as properly saturated as I could make them with this piece. Still, not too happy with the colouring but I learned some stuff from doing this drawing, jumping to the Terra Nova piece and then back to this. Made me realize a lot of things about colouring and about creating basic forms before putting in detail in a picture.
Oh and I just noticed that some of the shadows are falling way off from the light source HNNNNG.

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Monday, May 23, 2011


This is the current design of one of the people in my little project. I'm currently calling them Core'vidan[kɔr ' vidæn ?] for the moment but I'm not sure on the name so it might change. Not that the name is that important now when I'm just trying to focus on just making concepts.

So these guys, the Core'vidians, are a kind of bird-like people(obviously) and they are all based off of birds in the Corvidae family, i.e. birds like ravens, crows, jackdaws, magpies and such. They are a knowledge hungry race that often end up as some kind of scholar or doctor which makes them extremely intelligent and great healers. They are unable to use magic from their own body but they can use magical objects that they find and create themselves. And because they are so hungry to know everything, they obviously have explorers as well that travels out through out the world and documents everything. They tend to spend most of their time on the ground but if they have to (when they need to flee or travel) they can fly quite well.
The Core'vidians will be the creators of this gigantic library/city that I mentioned earlier in my first project sketches of Zoe.
But as always, every race can't be perfect so even the Core'vidians got traitors, criminals, robbers and others who deviates from the typical and just path of the Core'vidians. Which is why they have been forced to train a few fighters in this city, to protect themselves. But they are pacifists so they rather create alliances with others to both help them out in their search for knowledge and to protect them in their own home. In return, they gladly help their allies with information.. to a certain extent that is. They do not like to share information that may be used to start wars or gain superior power over others.

The cloth design of these is inspired mostly by 1800- and early 1900 western clothing. Not sure how to do the females yet though but we'll see.

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- Roderick Thorp

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Terra Nova

It is finished I guess haha. I lost hope on the background and the surroundings but I was pretty happy with the dryad. Also, weird boob is weird. Anyways, it was a pretty fun piece to work on (except for the background that is) and I learned something from it, which is the most important thing.
Don't have much more to say about this except for.. Enjoy!

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Leo Tolstoy

Friday, May 20, 2011


Look at them noses. Yeah I've always had trouble drawing them so I did a couple of studies on photoshop. I have a few sketches in my sketch book as well but I can't be bothered to scan those right now.. I think I want to draw a few more before I do that actually.

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- John Harold

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gotta catch 'em all

Took my way longer than it should have but I didn't get much sleep last night so I kinda dozed off half way through. Anyways, it's a photo study of an adorable little girl. The ref photo was found on Flickr and I'd recommend visiting there if you want photo references of people or possibly buildings and scenery.

Powerglove! ....just because I'm addicted to this song at the moment. Oh god why.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Draw me like one of your french girls

Another quick colour study I did today before lunch. I know the colours are a bit messy but I was going to fix it when I realized that I kinda liked the messiness of it so I left it. But I slacked on the face haha. But the point wasn't to get her look to look like my reference picture but to learn about colours, light and shapes.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Quick study I did earlier today before I streamed on livestream for a little bit. I did this awfully quick but damn it looked much better than expected. Messy but good none than less.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011



GOD I keep dying on this place.. or every place. But I do draw! I just sketch mostly because I tried to put together a commission list that I'll be putting up on Deviantart and probably Furaffinity(since people buy commissions there like crazy).

Anyways, these are quick concept sketches I did in my moleskin sketchbook for a personal project of mine that, once again, Conny inspired/told me I should do after I saw his project: Adam's Dream(click and check it out btw).
I barely got anything figured out for this except that it's going to be fantasy/steam punk-ish. The main character will probably be this girl named Zoe with two robot arms that works for some kind of organisation that gathers information from all over the world to fill their library. They are basically hungry for knowledge but they don't plan on using it against anyone. It's just that the information they got in their huge ass building will be tempting for others so they need to stay protected and gain allies that helps them. Well that's the basic idea. I have no idea how it will turn out later but that's the fun part, you get to explore, experiment and learn c:
All in all it's just something to keep me drawing and inspired.

Oh and that hairy lizard thing is kinda like a camel/dromedary mixed with a gecko and iguana. It's supposed to be an animal that you ride through deserts and such.

....and if you got any suggestions for a name for this project, please leave your suggestions in a comment here or on my Deviantart if you'd rather do so c: