Saturday, February 27, 2010

Manikin Bird

The pictures keeps on coming. I have never made this many pictures in such a short amount of time haha. Well gotta keep them coming or I'll go lazy again.
.... I don't have much else to say about this picture. It's a pic of a Manikin Bird.. they are quite awesome seeing as they kinda moonwalk on the branches or something.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


An apple! Yeah more practice pictures. And it feels like I'm quite bad at drawing fruits after doing the pear and this apple lmao.
Also I kind of got a job. Seeing as a lady at my mums work gotta stay at the hospital for quite some time they need extra people to help them out with things. This place is a pharmacy so all I can do is take the boxes with medicine that get in like twice a week and put them on their shelves... so that's like 2 hours of work in a day. And they get in new medicine and shit like once or twice a week so that makes it like 2-4 hours of work. Maybe 5 if it's a lot. So I wont be earning much but it's better than earning nothing like I do at the moment haha.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yeah this one is absolutely not going up on DeviantART or something like that. I was really not in a mood to finish this after I started because I've been in a bit of a rush today. Walked down to the job office just to find out that I forgot my ID back home so I had to walk all the way back home and then down to the job office again... and then home again after I was done there. When I got home I thought I'd have some time to practice drawing/colouring but then dad calls me and wants me to go up to grandma and give him the photos I took in New Zealand. I then had to rush back home after that to make it in time for the Crimson Dagger stream... so by then I was just tired of it all and threw this together urgh D:
I'll try to make something better next time!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Click to enlarge

Here's a portrait practice piece that I started on during Conny's study stream earlier today. It turned out pretty okay but he turned out slightly different from the old man on the photo reference I used.
It was fun none then less and I think it got me to improve slightly so.. yay for that! I think I'll try to do one of these paintings every day or at least start on one after I've finished another.


Monday, February 22, 2010


"Crow Scholar"

click to enlarge

Just something that popped up in my head. I actually just stared at my bed and saw some folds in the bedsheets in the shape of this guy's head so I quickly scribbled it down on a paper and then just kept working on it until I ended up with this. I guess this is some kind of concept art/character design-ish kind of picture, I dunno. Either way it was pretty fun to work on and it didn't take far too long seeing as I could go lazy on it a bit. Because I basically just coloured the sketch without making any lines in photoshop or anything like that.
And if I were to make some kind of story or shit I'd probably be tempted to use this guy as a random scholar person that studies/works/teaches or something in that world. Or make a whole race of them and give them a reputation of being highly educated. But that'd be way in the future and I'm not even a good writer to begin with so we'll see how things turns out.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Just something I did while watching/listening to a Crimson Dagger live stream today. It turned out okay but it could use a lot of fixing up lmao. It was good practice none then less though. And it was quite fun as well so I hope I'll manage to do a couple of these paintings every week. That will make me improve myself for sure.
Something that I really need to practice on more is probably realistic faces seeing at I got trouble with those... and I've recently found out that there's someone that would like their portrait drawn by me so I better improve before they actually ask me.

There's no retirement for an artist, it's your way of living so there's no end to it.
- Henry Moore

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ore no doriru ha, ten wo tsukuru doriru da

Urgh I got this sudden urge to buy myself some kind of anime or comic figurine after seeing a figurine of Kamina from the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I then got reminded of how I saw a Son-Goku figurine at the London MCM expo last year for only £5 pounds and I didn't fucking buy it for some reason ;o; WHY. And at the moment I barely got any money that I can afford spending on stuff like that so I guess I just gotta try harder to find a bloody job so I can start getting these figurines... but I'm not buying that big Kamina one seeing as it goes for about U.S $100... not yet at least <3
On an other note, I finally got around to check this Crimson Daggers website for artists that wants to get more dedicated to improving their art that Conny showed me. I watched a bit of a livestream thing that was airing at the time and I must say that just watching and hearing the guy talk about how it's like to be an artist got me inspired. It made wanna draw more right on the spot, but sadly I was at my grandmas so I didn't have my art stuff there. Oh well, they will be airing every day so I'll get the chance to watch them draw many times in the future c:

(Also, I don't know if the title is in correct Japanese but I don't know the bloody language so leave me alone >:C )

Monday, February 15, 2010


I decided to change the layout of the blog a little bit. It did not turn out the way I originally planned but it's an improvement from the first one if you ask me. The other one felt too off and cluttered. This one is a bit easier on the eyes.
This also made me realize how bad my HTML skills are. I haven't really used them for real since I did a little bit of web designing in school... about three years ago. I need to brush up on them a bit more. The question is, when will I do it and will I ever be bothered to lmao.

Edit: Hm seems like some of the links fuck up. They work but some are blue and some aren't :/

And on an other note, this morning I went outside to take some photos because I saw how all the trees were snow white cause of crystallised ice on all the branches. I really wanted to take my time, play with the settings a bit and take some nice pictures of it all but god damn was it cold. I just rushed most of them and got back home because my fingers were freezing and numb. All the snow that got in to my shoes didn't really help either.

Photo © me

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Advice to live by

Also I just gotta post it because it's bloody brilliant. I can't believe I forgot this thing.. it was lost among all the videos in my youtube favourites.


I felt like doing some water colouring and I suddenly thought of this fella. Snufkin from the Moomins. God he's awesome and yet so simple.. just wanders around with a few possessions, enjoys life and the nature. And he hates signs that forbids you to do stuff lmfao.
I wanted to draw him with flowers in his hat but I forgot it and once I remembered it was a bit late.. cause I wanted to make them white :C OH WELL.

Motivation will almost always beat mere talent. - Norman Augustine

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mumford & Sons - The Cave

Just because I don't have anything better to do or write.
It's a song that's been kinda stuck in my head at the moment from when I heard it on MTV two.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Bah I want to type more here but I don't have anything good to type yet. All I can do right now is say that I'm still trying to draw more but I've been kind of lacking motivation lately. I want the super inspiration back ;o; I'm also in a "fuck everything" kind of mood so that could have something to do with it as well lmao. I try to work on the things I've started on like a collab with my friend Romana and this other photoshop painting thing I started but it's going slow on both of them.
Oh well I'll post a little WIP of that PS painting here and then I'm done for this time c:

When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live life.
- Greg Anderson
(I bloody love this quote and I just found it lmao)

Monday, February 1, 2010


Hm gotta get back in to blogging more again. Ok so not much has happened lately except for the fact that I got home from New Zealand. I've been pretty much isolating me at home, drawing and thinking of stuff to draw. Because lately I've had this really strange feeling. I keep thinking that the feeling will disappear the next day but it just comes back... and usually it comes back with a different mood. Sometimes I feel overly happy and sometimes I feel a bit down for no reason lmao. But lately I've just been feeling super inspired.. even though it's been hard to put this inspiration on to paper. But yes, I've been inspired and the pictures I've been drawing have been based on old Norse fairy tails and mythology or at least hints of them. I'm loving it but it gets slightly frustrating not to be able to get it down the way I want it. But it happens pretty much all the time anyway so I'll just keep working on it.
I really should be working on getting a job though. I can't really be bothered but I gotta do it if I wanna stay registered at the job office. I'll just do some half assed job searching this week and I'll be good for another month.

Anyways, here's a new character that I created about two days ago. She was one of those things that I got inspired to do from Nordic folklore/fairy tails/mythology.. but with a bit of a twist I guess lmao. She's a young looking girl who lives in the woods all on her own. She survives mostly of what the woods has to offer. Berries, mushrooms and the occasional animal now and then. She almost never speaks but that could also be because there's no-one for her to speak to. She does look scary and intimidating with her frozen facial expression but if she does like something/someone she could just go up to it and show her affection by giving it a hug or something like that. I guess in the end she just doesn't wanna be alone.

Click for full view

Kudos to Jenna who did the line-art over my sketch of the character. I'm thinking of naming her either Mist or Saga which are the names of two Valkyries. It's leaning towards Mist though so I'm probably going for that.