Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Okay so here's yet another WIP picture of that Queen Bee girl I originally made for Jenna to colour. I'm just experimenting the hell out of her when I colour because I need the practice. But it takes sooo much longer to finish it lmao. I recoloured the skin a crap load of times already and I probably will keep fixing it up.. but I wanna start colouring the little clothing she's got already and the eye/mouth.

Today I saw a fairly ugly guy surrounded by a group of attractive girls. I was confused and went closer to try to figure out why. He had a British accent. I now understand. - MLIA

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  1. It looks great but I know the feeling man. I was in that state where I just fought that stuff. It will get a lot easier with time, just do it a whole lot. I still have troubles dealing with color but since I started to mess with tone it got a lot easier.

    Hope to see this done btw :P