Saturday, March 27, 2010


Another scenery practice piece I finished today. It turned out ok actually... at least compared to my previous attempts haha.
Oh and yesterday was my birthday and the day I turned in to an old, old man. I turned 20. But to be honest I don't feel any older or anything because yesterday was just another day for me. I did the things I would've done normally whether it was my birthday or not... except for eating cake I guess :D I also got a 1T external hard drive so I can now do backups on all my art files, music, animes and so on. I've already used up 200GB of it already gah.


I like how my posts look like they've been written by a 12 year old sometimes. They never really have a good flow through them but most of the time I can't be bothered to really think these through so YEAH. But I know what Keo would tell me.. "you're better at English than most American kids" <3


  1. You're getting really good at scenery, no fair! :c
    But yes, that is EXACTLY what I'd say... though yesterday showed you still have a few little things to learn about the English language. <3 But oh well. You're still great at it.

  2. Practice practice practice <3
    And it's not just a little. It's a lot...A LOT.

  3. I suppose. XD But still, I'd call you fleunt. Maybe not at a native level, but definitly as a second language.