Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well there we go, a study (portrait of my girl friend) and a WIP drawing that didn't really start out serious but turned in to this. We'll see how far ill be bothered to go with it. Oh and the ref to the portrait had an annoying light so it was really hard to get it right.. so it looks kinda plastic-y?
I feel more productive now than I've been in over 2 months now and I'm guessing it's because of college. Lets see if it'll be fun here or not... the first course we're going to read doesn't seem that fun but the rest sounds like a blast.


  1. The portrait is fine, I think you should apply some hard edges to the other painting too because there's a lot of soft edges in that one too.

    Edges has been a thing I've wrestling with a lot these few weeks.

    There are hard edges, firm edges, soft edges and completely lost edges. Try to work that in. Hard edges usually come to be in hard lightning and soft edges in shadow. And variation in this gives more contrast and makes it more painterly.

    So like, you could use that hard edge that there is on her lip (the highlight) and use that on the beak on the bird. And when you're painting it, think of it like you're sculpting it. Cut into the form to create that edge. That way of thinking always help me.

    All this is so hard to explain.. I might send you some examples later. I think I saw some on CA.

    Have fun at collage btw!

  2. Oh man thanks, I appreciate this <3 It'd be lovely if you sent some examples to my email or something. I'd love it c:
    And I will try that thing on the bird. The shading have been bothering me and I was thinking a bit of what you just mentioned but it's nice to hear from someone else as well