Monday, August 31, 2009


Practiced some driving with dad again and we went pretty far.. again. Because dad had some translator job to do that took him two hours so I had to amuse myself somehow. Luckily I brought my camera and sketchbook like always so two hours went by pretty fast. But I had to pee so I went out in the woods and did it. Then I noticed a nice spot that might look good on a photo... it didn't :C
But then I found a little spider that I tried to take a picture of... and then I found a little bigger one.. and then I almost walked in to this huge ones web. I freaked out a bit and then took a few pics of it as well c:

"Ron had been suffering from swine flu and people were avoiding him. Luckily, he was ginger and he was used to it" - Frankie Boyle on 'Mock The Week'


  1. Haha, you went far with your dad... sexually.

  2. HAH........................................lame