Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quiz of Boredom

Stole this from TQ's blog.
And I translated it(sort of) to English because I'm that bored ok.

Bla bla bla use the first letter in your name in every answer and the answer can't be your own name and so on. If the person who tagged you got the same name as you, you can't use the same answers.

1. What is your name: Daniel
2. A four letter word: Dork
3. Girls name: Danielle
4. Boys name: Dick
5. Profession: Dragon slayer (YEAH!)
6. Colour: Ehm... dark blue? :c
7. Clothing: Dungarees
8. Food: Dick... I mean doritos
9. Object in the bathroom: Douche.... 8D
10. Place: Disney World!
11. A reason to be late: Drugs
12. Something you yell: DUDE
13. Film: Dragonball
14. Something you drink: Diet Coke
15. Band: Daft Punk
16. Animal: Dragonfly
17. Street name: Dragongatan
18. Car: Dodge Viper
19. Song: Down to the old pub instead by Stephen Lynch

And I tag anyone who wanna try this :U

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