Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back once again

Hah god I suck at updating this. I've been kinda slow again but I do draw. I've been doing a couple of photoshop portraits for my dad and one for my friend. I'm not posting those so I didn't really have anything good to post but I guess I'll post some sketches... and this one still life painting I did like last month but forgot to post.
I'm just messing around with my style here.


On an other note, I'm in a bit of a Scott Pilgrim craze at the moment. Got 5 of the books and the 6th one is supposed to be released in July or something. But I have no idea when I'll be able to get it over here. Hopefully it'll be before the movie is released.


  1. Looks awesome dude <3 Alltid kul att se saker du pysslar med~
    Fixade två ritblock med något tjockare papper idag till mig själv idag, så hoppas på att det leder till något mer seriösa skisser/bilder!

  2. Taack <3
    Och jag vill gärna se mer grejor från dig så fyll de där ritblocken C:

  3. I remember two of those pages, but the one with Weelow and Arm girl [I forget if she got a name or not. XD] looks great. <3 He looks so freaked out. Lol, but it's adorable. :3 And a good job with another still life too.