Sunday, June 13, 2010


More studies yay. God I'm getting sick of doing portraits now, I've done a few lately for my dad and for a friend. But I have to say I did kinda enjoy doing this one because I took my time and felt quite relaxed while doing it. So that's good at least. Gotta try some landscape paintings next or possibly master studies if I can find something good enough.
I have been drawing personal drawings as well but I've just started on a bunch and I haven't finished any of them sadly. I will try to finish one or two of them though.

You listen to me. I'm the one who tells you what your mom says, okay? - Wallace Wells


  1. Aw, looks kinda sad. :c But it's a lovely portrait! And I'd love to see how ya do with a landscape drawing some time. ^^

  2. Yeah I know D: She didn't look that sad in the ref pic though. She looked more like she was getting the sun in her face and made a bit of a face but I couldn't really capture that in the painting sadly. I tried but it was hard xD

  3. Åh, vad fin! Btw, hon liknar Vithursa asmycket! Eller är det bara jag som tycker det? 8)

  4. Jag tänkte också på Vithursa när jag såg denna! Haha. Well done i alla fall :)