Thursday, March 24, 2011

21st century love?

Lookie lookie, some old characters that I revamped. No official outfits, just some experiments c:

1. Devi
2. Can't remember but I think it was Aniela... I need to change that horrible name. Oh and kudos to Jenna for drawing that old version of her.
3. Lico
That first one in the line of the new ones is Weelow in some outfit I just played around with.

And here's a rant of some sort you don't need to read if you're only here for the art. Sorry if it's a bit all over the place or doesn't make sense.

During recent days I’ve started to realize more and more how true the saying ”ignorance is bliss” is. I noticed this especially by hanging out on Facebook every single day for the past few weeks. I hope I don’t make this look like a rant (it probably will be though. Also, I apologize if I sound a bit patronizing as well.) but I felt an unexplainable need to write this somewhere. Because that’s what our generation seem to do these days when we got a problem with something. We write it down where everyone can see it.

Now I don’t mind that… if it’s on blogs or vlogs or something similar because you choose to hear or read about it. But it’s when it comes to Facebook its right in your face when you sign on whether you like it or not. People feel the need to pester the rest of us with their dramas and make us all depressed. They feel the need to start arguments in wall-posts and comments where everyone can see them instead of just talking it out in person, over the phone or even in a simple IM or note. No, because apparently everyone has to see it. Everyone needs to get dragged in to that black hole of depression that may belong to someone you don’t even know or haven’t met more than one time before.

Why do we do that? Why do we need everyone’s attention when there is only a hand full of people involved? I am sick of it. I’m a pretty optimistic guy and tend to be calm in most cases. I can’t even remember last time I got really mad. But this has been gnawing me for quite some time and just recently I’ve seen a boom of drama that, for some reason, needs to be on display for hundreds and hundreds of uninvolved people.

And the main topic in these dramas seems to be relationships. “This person did this and that person did that. That person cheated with this person so these two break-up and that person gets mad at that person for doing something. This person is in a relationship with that person and that person dislikes that”. Ok, I’m not saying this is what I’ve seen on my Facebook but it might as well have been because I’m just as annoyed either way.

It just feels like the respect for the whole concept of being in a relationship (in my generation at least. Can’t speak for the rest) is just being thrown around, chewed at and spat out in the dirt like a chewing toy at a kennel with rabid dogs. People going behind their partners back, cheating, lying, making up and then start doing the same shit all over again. I don’t even get how some forgive a cheating partner multiple times. And I don’t know how some partners continue to cheat, knowing how devastated and destroyed their “significant other” would be if he or she found out. I guess I would have to know their whole story before I could really say anything about that. Personally I don't know if I'd be able to forgive someone who cheated on me. I might just be out that door so fast or maybe I'd need to stay and hear out the whole story before I did anything in a rush. Not sure. Though I'm not saying I will be cheated on, just saying that that’s two of the things I imagine myself doing if put in that situation. If you insist on being with someone else than your partner just dump whoever you’re dating, break up your engagement with your fiancé or divorce whoever you’re married to. Just spare your partner the extra pain and hurt instead of creating a humongous cluster fuck of shit and despair of it all. Are you afraid of telling the truth? Well that’s something you need to think of before you do something like that.

Found this quote in some PDF about Jesus and God and crap. I’m not religious or Christian or anything but Christianity does teach some good things at least. Telling the truth, even when we are afraid of the consequences, is one way we show respect for each other and build right relationships. And I agree. I would rather hear the harsh truth than a sugar coated lie.

But I don’t know, maybe I’m old fashioned? Maybe my views on relationships are a bit conservative and old? Maybe that’s how things work these days? Personally I feel like a relationship is between two loving people (not counting Mormons I guess?) that love, trust and RESPECT each other. Emphasis on respect. Actually, emphasis on love, trust AND respect. Because you cannot have one without the other in a healthy relationship. But who am I to decide what the definition of a relationship is. Maybe the modern definition of it is ‘to be together with someone you love but sleep around with others behind their back or constantly fight and distrust each other’. Is that 21st century love?

“Never take a person's dignity: it is worth everything to them, and nothing to you.” - Frank Barron

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  1. You know, most people they go their whole life and they never really find someone they love. They say they do, because everybody is the star of their own little romantic comedy, but they're full of shit.