Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Draw me like one of your french girls

Another quick colour study I did today before lunch. I know the colours are a bit messy but I was going to fix it when I realized that I kinda liked the messiness of it so I left it. But I slacked on the face haha. But the point wasn't to get her look to look like my reference picture but to learn about colours, light and shapes.

"Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit." - Conrad Hilton

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  1. Crap paintover:

    I love painting heavy people! The weight is a lot of fun to get right.

    It's all pretty decent. I can see some form problems though. The forms on her legs for example isn't turning. It's pretty flat. I think you might need to spend some time painting big forms like that. Basics! Sometimes basics are harder than you think and are usually left further on.

    Zoom in on body parts. Especially round places like arms that are pressed around the armpit. As funny as it sounds: breasts are a great thing to paint for form same goes for butts and for legs that are close together... As for a breast: It's not completely round ball, it has weight and everything and there's reflective light and shadows and obvious edges.

    I'd suggest studies of legs that's pressed against something. Like a naked person sitting on a chair.. try to get the form of the leg correct, the weight too. And try to get that edge that appears between the chair and the leg/butt. Usually, depending on surface, the chair will cast a reflective light on the leg.

    I think it might be better for you to do studies like that because then you start focusing on the actual form rather than the figure.

    An edge can be created with soft brushes too. I made some examples in the paint over but I made some examples in the next image too. There are edges everywhere. Even in clouds there's edges. It's not a completely soft form, usually anyway.. It's soft but there's still edges. The edges are created because there's two different values close to eachother. A darker and a lighter. Also the edge doesn't always have to be super sharp or soft. You an vary those things.. You'll see what I mean in this picture: