Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Hunting WIP

A quick WIP I started on today. Took me forever to get some of the perspective right. I need to do a lot more animal anatomy studies urgh. Oh well, I'm liking it so far c:


  1. The storytelling is really nice in tis.
    The creature the guy's riding on could need some work in the gesture. It feels like it got hit with an arrow too and is about to fall down. So I'd suggest some gesture drawings of animals in motion. A horse in this case would be good. Draw the poses as dynamic as you can too so that you get the flow going. Cause I can see that it's what you are going for in this piece. So that needs to be pretty much spot on to make it work.

    Like I said, though. So far there's some great storytelling going on and I think it could end up being a great piece.

    Also, add more of the creature getting hunted. I think that will add even more action and motion to the piece and more story.

  2. For reference for the horses by the way. Google horses in motion, or go to youtube and look for some sort of riding competition or something.

  3. Looks like a promising piece!
    Looking forward to more! Moar!!