Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Art trade - Irith

Finally some art eh? It's about time. I started on this one about two weeks ago I believe. Or three, I don't really remember. But it took me longer to finish because I was working on other things as well and I spent one week at my grandmas without my precious photoshop.
Anyways, this is an art trade with my pin-up pal, Hannah (she's not that active on DA though). It's her character Irith. And I must say, it was pretty fun to do those tattoos. I also thought I'd practice a little on getting the shadows and light source on the right places on her because I tend to suck at that... but the colouring is a bit lazy, the fingers got messed up and her pelvis/crotch got a bit awkward looking to me but I dunno. I still enjoyed drawing it though so enjoy c:
Oh and yeah, I textured the fuck out of the walls. So sue me >:c

In that case why not just tear up every vagina in the whole world!? - Yu-gi-oh the abridged series


  1. That looks really cool. X3 I think the textures look good on the wall too.

  2. Aw thanks Katie c: I used two textures on the wall and one on those wooden window thingies haha