Sunday, May 2, 2010


There, more studies. I got pretty happy with the photo study of the boy. At least from the waist up. The rest was a bit lazily done lmao. And I'm not going to post that study on DA because the original photoref was taken on DA so I'll just leave it here and on for now c:


  1. The boy looks really good! Did you use a grid again for it or did you start moving away from that like you wanted to?
    Lol, I still can't figure out how to paint in Photoshop. Can't do much now, either... dumb laptop.

  2. I actually didn't use a grid for it which makes me even more proud of it haha.
    And I could tell you kinda how I paint sometime when you're on again c:

  3. this is amazing Dan...

    You've improved so much these past few months!