Saturday, May 1, 2010


Ok so we went to this travelling carnival, did not go on any rides because it's crazy expensive, watched the bonfire, tried to win some chocolate, failed, watched the fireworks, went home to a friend, drank a little, went home, slept. That was last night in a nutshell I guess c: Nothing too special but I guess it was fun to come out and hang with people a bit. Too bad almost everyone we called were either away or didn't answer their phones >:


  1. Ok, I dunno what a tivoli is, but I'll guess something like an amusement park or carnival. XD
    It sucks that the rides were expensive though. It's the same way with carni rides over here, though the only local one we get is for Lindenwold Day.
    But at least you got to hang out with a few folks and watch fireworks. :3

  2. ffffuuu I keep forgetting that I shouldn't use that word. CARNIVAL there we go I'll edit it.
    It's really lame that it should be like that but barely any of these were worth riding now when you're over 15 so I guess it's fine lmao.
    And I sure did c:

  3. Hahaha, it's ok, you could kinda figure out what it meant from the picture and blog.
    And yeah, it's kinda true that they get old, but I have a soon to be 10-year-old brother (his b-day is coming up on the 15th), so I'm still obliged to join him on a ride or two. XD
    But I think the prize stand games are still a hella lotta fun. I won 5 stuffed animals last summer when we went to an carnival up in Pennsylvania. And one is a darling little Piplup. <3 The only thing that would have been cooler than that is a Prinny, cus they're the kings of all penguin monsters.

  4. Aww a piplup <3 Yea the prize stand games are really fun. Always will be <3