Sunday, December 19, 2010

A hard climb

I needed something to work on and possibly create some art for a future portfolio or something so good ol' Conny gave me the suggestion to make up a world and fill it with characters and possibly some kind of storyline to it. So I did. Well.. I started on it. I started doing sketches for a character and then I plan to add everything in around her. It's mostly to make myself do concept art and illustrations rather than making an actual story. So here are just some of the sketches I did:

And this one is just a little gift art for Conny's girl, Bella, that she requested. A cute troll c:

And to end this post, here's a long but great quote from Stephen Fry:

"Yes, I can tell you where the golden palace is. And I can tell you how to get there.
It's a very long, hard climb though. And you will blister your knees and you will hurt yourself and you will fall down and have to start climbing again.
And they say "In that case I don't want to. You're so lucky to get there".
I'm not saying I got to the golden palace but what I'm saying is what attributes I have are ones I've worked up and run towards with enthusiasm. And people now seems to think, not only that it's unfair, but that it's their right to be given it without making the same journey."
- Stephen Fry