Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 03 and 04

I'll do two of them today since I missed one yesterday.

Day 03 →Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Hm this is a tough one. I haven't really put much thought in to this one to be honest. I mean sure, alcohol should be consumed with moderation and I guess drugs shouldn't be taken at all. But from what I hear there are exceptions. Some say that marijuana is just as ok as alcohol but I wouldn't know since I haven't tried it. Wouldn't surprise me though since if someone were to invent alcohol drinks today instead of thousands of years ago we'd probably classify it as some kind of illegal drug as well. I'm not saying I'm okay with drugs, I'm just saying that sometimes the line can be a bit blurry. Obviously most drugs are horrible and should not be used by anyone though.

Day 04 →Your views on religion.

I say that everyone has their right to their own belief. If one finds comfort or if their unanswered questions gets answered by a higher deity or some kind of old philosopher then I'm not going to oppose any of that. I'm not being hurt by it and they feel better so how is that a bad thing? I mean I even take inspiration from religious texts at times.. Buddhist ones but still religious. Yet I don't fully agree with Buddhism. Only certain parts of it.
But religion turns bad when these people try to shove their beliefs down my throat and telling me and others what to do. When they or the religion tells you how to live your own life rather than letting ourself choose that I get a bit annoyed. Yes, just a bit annoyed because apparently I never get mad at stuff or people haha.

Hm, I thought I'd have a shit load to write about this subject but I really don't. Basically, I have no problem with religion as long as they don't force it upon people or even their own children, which a lot of religious people do sadly. But those who doesn't, thumbs up to you.

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