Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Values and life

Haven't finished a study in ages but here we go, another value study. I'm having a hard time doing studies at this time seeing as I'm quitting college so there fore I need to get myself a job. And on top of that I got my parents on my back bugging me about quitting college, what I'm going to do instead and how I'm going to pay off my debts. So I'm currently at my girlfriends place, then I'm going home to my mum for a day or two and theeeen back to my own place at college to get things sorted out over there. So yeah, kinda hard to make studies at times haha.


  1. "Study". Sure it is..

  2. Yeah it can be a pain sometimes...

    Anyway. The study looks pretty good. I think you nailed that leg pretty well. I've actually done a value study of this photo too once haha :D