Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today my dad took me out to practice some driving and the first thing I did was to fail lmao. I started driving forward a bit and he went "Put the blinkers on" and I did... I thought. I pushed the wrong thing and the wind shield wipers went off and water shot out on the window and god did I freak out cause I saw nothing lmao. It went better after a while and even got to drive on a road that went 90km/h for a moment. But I need more practice.

Jimmy Carr on Michael Jacksons death:
"For me it's a little bit like when Diana died... I couldn't give a fuck" - Jimmy Carr


  1. Älskar bilden :D

    Haha, andra gången jag övningskörde hoppade det ut ett rådjur... i industiområdet! (?)

  2. TQ: Tack <3

    Haha hur lyckades den komma dit bort??

  3. Jag har ingen aning! Pappa sa att de "brukar hänga där". Det var liksom längst in i industriområdet! Jätteläskigt iallafall XD

  4. Vad finns det där som de kan gilla? xD