Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Birthday

Weeelll today is my friend Joey's birthday so I drew her a picture. It's kinda half assed but I only had two days to do it since I noticed that it was her birthday then so I was all aaaaaaa rush rush draw. Anyways, you better like it woman and ilu. Have a happy birthday kid.

And silly Toshiro, you're getting your socks all wet and dirty if you run around with them like that in the woods trying to catch fish. Sirry boi.



  1. This is a cool painting, it has a cool pose and a cool character, the drawing is great.

    Even though it's rushed I thought I'd do a super quick paint over on this, cause I see the same mistake repeating in your paintings. Hope it helps.

    You need to focus more on rendering forms. First pick a light source, then look at where the light hits the object. On my paint over you can see examples of this.

    So look for where the light hits and where it will cast a shadow. Also depending on how intense the light is, the harder the highlights/shadows will be. In this case, it looks like it's pretty bright, so your shadows are slightly weak. Compare my paint over with your painting. I'm not the best painter in the world but I tried give you as much info as I can in a short amount of time.

    To practice this stuff you can do still life painting. And like I said, focus on where the light hits the object and where the shadow is.

    Another thing is the color. You need to vary your color picking in the shadows. Shadows are cold in warm light, light and shadow never stay the same in hue ( When I checked your colors with the color picker I noticed that you just stayed pretty much on the same spot with the color in the hue. The only slight change was the darkness of the color. So read up on color theory. And this can also be practiced by doing still life studies.

    So do the still life stuff and focus on light, shadow and color picking. And then try to apply what you learned to your personal work.

    Hope this helped man, tried my best to explain this the best I could. If you have any questions then just shoot away, I'll happily tell you!

  2. This is greatly appreciated dude. Haha I swear I'd be pro if I'd get a crit like this for every piece I make <3
    Thanks to this I think I'm going to start putting the light source out first because I've always been bad at that so thanks again

  3. Sure thing.

    Be critical with your own stuff too. I am with my stuff constantly. Always looking at stuff that looks wrong rather on what looks right.