Friday, April 30, 2010

More hands

Just some colour studies I forgot to post earlier. Turned out a little messier than the black and white ones but it was harder to get them right in colour >:
On an other note, today is Walpurgis Night here in Sweden which basically means that a shit load of teens go out and drink themselves half to death while either watching a big bonfire or getting pissed at some random flat party. I don't plan on getting that pissed but I might have a beer or two just for the sake of it. And there will be fireworks yay c:


  1. Wow... that's an interesting day... (even though I don't drink). Please don't get too drunk. ;P Or else I'll just make fun of you when that hangover hits tomorrow.

  2. Haha I wont get drunk trust me... if I do I deserve to be mocked and made fun of by everyone <3

  3. Good boy. But still have fun, of course. <3