Sunday, April 11, 2010

Muchacha nerviosa

A portrait I just finished today. I would've been happier with it if I didn't use a grid to get everything right lmao. Next time I do a portrait I'm going to do it without using a grid because I don't wanna be stuck using it all the time. Gotta push myself away from it c:
Next I need to do some kind of city concept but I cant seem to get any good ideas for it out of my head so I think I'll sketch a bunch of thumbnails of city concepts and so on. Ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated <3


  1. Lovely study, dont' know what else to say

  2. Just a nice comment is enough for me <3

  3. Det här förslaget har inget med en stad att göra men det skulle vara riktigt häftigt att se din tolkning av alla stjärntecken! Fisk, vädur, oxe osv osv. Det skulle vara rätt häftigt.

  4. I SWEAR I thought it was a photograph D:

    You're getting SOOO much better!

  5. TQ: Haha hm har sätt många göra sådär så jag får se om jag också gör det.

    Maria: Aw why thank you. Still got a crap load more to learn ffff