Wednesday, June 17, 2009


(When I'm doing longer posts I might add a TL;DR version on top of it in case people get lazy or aren't interested enough to read the whole thing)

TL;DR version:I made a new blog again for several reasons. I just graduated and taking a year off before going to college which means that I'm out of job and looking for one. I'm also using this year to do several things like improving my drawing and such.

Once again I've made a blog. Seriously, I'm changing blogs more often than people change socks now but I get bored so easily with these. Yet I keep doing them. Oh well!
This time I made a blog for the same reasons as first time but with one exception. One reason is that I want a place where I can rant and/or just write stuff down. The second reason is that I can post some art and maybe smaller sketches here as well (in case someone stumbles across this blog). Finally, the third reason, and also the exception I mentioned, is to improve my English. I mean sure, I probably improved it without thinking of it the last times I did a blog were I typed in English as well but now I'm going to try to be more aware of it and try harder to increase my vocabulary and so forth. I'm still going to use internet words and such and I fail at using punctuations and commas too so I wont think too much of that. I don't think anyone could care less about that on the internet lmao.
Also, I don't know shit about Latin so I am using online translators. So don't blame me if the titles are wrong >:C

Anyways, I'll just sum up quickly what's going on around me at the moment. I just graduated, I'm taking a year off to improve my drawing before going to college if I get accepted, I'm kinda being forced to take my drivers license, I'm currently looking for a job (good God it's hard to find one) aaand I've become sort of obsessed with British TV shows recently <3

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