Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ore no doriru ha, ten wo tsukuru doriru da

Urgh I got this sudden urge to buy myself some kind of anime or comic figurine after seeing a figurine of Kamina from the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I then got reminded of how I saw a Son-Goku figurine at the London MCM expo last year for only £5 pounds and I didn't fucking buy it for some reason ;o; WHY. And at the moment I barely got any money that I can afford spending on stuff like that so I guess I just gotta try harder to find a bloody job so I can start getting these figurines... but I'm not buying that big Kamina one seeing as it goes for about U.S $100... not yet at least <3
On an other note, I finally got around to check this Crimson Daggers website for artists that wants to get more dedicated to improving their art that Conny showed me. I watched a bit of a livestream thing that was airing at the time and I must say that just watching and hearing the guy talk about how it's like to be an artist got me inspired. It made wanna draw more right on the spot, but sadly I was at my grandmas so I didn't have my art stuff there. Oh well, they will be airing every day so I'll get the chance to watch them draw many times in the future c:

(Also, I don't know if the title is in correct Japanese but I don't know the bloody language so leave me alone >:C )

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