Monday, February 15, 2010


I decided to change the layout of the blog a little bit. It did not turn out the way I originally planned but it's an improvement from the first one if you ask me. The other one felt too off and cluttered. This one is a bit easier on the eyes.
This also made me realize how bad my HTML skills are. I haven't really used them for real since I did a little bit of web designing in school... about three years ago. I need to brush up on them a bit more. The question is, when will I do it and will I ever be bothered to lmao.

Edit: Hm seems like some of the links fuck up. They work but some are blue and some aren't :/

And on an other note, this morning I went outside to take some photos because I saw how all the trees were snow white cause of crystallised ice on all the branches. I really wanted to take my time, play with the settings a bit and take some nice pictures of it all but god damn was it cold. I just rushed most of them and got back home because my fingers were freezing and numb. All the snow that got in to my shoes didn't really help either.

Photo © me

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