Thursday, February 25, 2010


An apple! Yeah more practice pictures. And it feels like I'm quite bad at drawing fruits after doing the pear and this apple lmao.
Also I kind of got a job. Seeing as a lady at my mums work gotta stay at the hospital for quite some time they need extra people to help them out with things. This place is a pharmacy so all I can do is take the boxes with medicine that get in like twice a week and put them on their shelves... so that's like 2 hours of work in a day. And they get in new medicine and shit like once or twice a week so that makes it like 2-4 hours of work. Maybe 5 if it's a lot. So I wont be earning much but it's better than earning nothing like I do at the moment haha.


  1. Hey, at least you're getting paid! Plus it might be nice to have short hours like that. :D Good luck Vely!

  2. Yea short hours with this kind of pay is pretty neat haha