Monday, February 22, 2010


"Crow Scholar"

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Just something that popped up in my head. I actually just stared at my bed and saw some folds in the bedsheets in the shape of this guy's head so I quickly scribbled it down on a paper and then just kept working on it until I ended up with this. I guess this is some kind of concept art/character design-ish kind of picture, I dunno. Either way it was pretty fun to work on and it didn't take far too long seeing as I could go lazy on it a bit. Because I basically just coloured the sketch without making any lines in photoshop or anything like that.
And if I were to make some kind of story or shit I'd probably be tempted to use this guy as a random scholar person that studies/works/teaches or something in that world. Or make a whole race of them and give them a reputation of being highly educated. But that'd be way in the future and I'm not even a good writer to begin with so we'll see how things turns out.

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