Monday, February 1, 2010


Hm gotta get back in to blogging more again. Ok so not much has happened lately except for the fact that I got home from New Zealand. I've been pretty much isolating me at home, drawing and thinking of stuff to draw. Because lately I've had this really strange feeling. I keep thinking that the feeling will disappear the next day but it just comes back... and usually it comes back with a different mood. Sometimes I feel overly happy and sometimes I feel a bit down for no reason lmao. But lately I've just been feeling super inspired.. even though it's been hard to put this inspiration on to paper. But yes, I've been inspired and the pictures I've been drawing have been based on old Norse fairy tails and mythology or at least hints of them. I'm loving it but it gets slightly frustrating not to be able to get it down the way I want it. But it happens pretty much all the time anyway so I'll just keep working on it.
I really should be working on getting a job though. I can't really be bothered but I gotta do it if I wanna stay registered at the job office. I'll just do some half assed job searching this week and I'll be good for another month.

Anyways, here's a new character that I created about two days ago. She was one of those things that I got inspired to do from Nordic folklore/fairy tails/mythology.. but with a bit of a twist I guess lmao. She's a young looking girl who lives in the woods all on her own. She survives mostly of what the woods has to offer. Berries, mushrooms and the occasional animal now and then. She almost never speaks but that could also be because there's no-one for her to speak to. She does look scary and intimidating with her frozen facial expression but if she does like something/someone she could just go up to it and show her affection by giving it a hug or something like that. I guess in the end she just doesn't wanna be alone.

Click for full view

Kudos to Jenna who did the line-art over my sketch of the character. I'm thinking of naming her either Mist or Saga which are the names of two Valkyries. It's leaning towards Mist though so I'm probably going for that.

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